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Popular Color Schemes for the Washroom

The washroom is definitely the most private area in a home; however, it is also the most often neglected space when it comes to decorating and painting. Don’t estimate what a fresh coat of paint could do for your washroom.

With the help of comforting or vibrant colors, a new paint job can instantly brighten up the most private of your living space. Here are some useful tips to consider for your washroom painting:

  • Have your washroom painter decorate the washroom using two contrasting bright colors. Go back to basics by using a color wheel. Remember the general rule: colors that are on the opposing end of wheel are complementary. Because of the heightened contrast, the colors would pop all the more and become more vivid because they are paired with each other.
  • Use a tonal neutral color scheme for your washroom painting to establish a serene and calm atmosphere. This means that the washroom painter will use two varying shades of the same neutral color. A great example would be using low-contrast classic neutrals such as beige, brown, or cream for the washroom.
  • For a classic, fool-proof color to use for your washroom painting, nothing beats a crisp, clean white. Pair it off with a darker color, such as a metallic blue, for a dramatic contrast.
  • When in doubt, look for inspiration at the rest of your home. Use the same colors that dominate the rest of the house for a uniform overall aesthetic.

Your washroom need not be boring! Have a washroom painter coat a fresh paint over it, and for the final touch, install an interesting fixture such as a mirror or new lighting, and throw in a small plant or an art work.

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