How To Remove Wallpaper

Aug 04, 2015

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Removing wallpaper can be very troublesome, but it doesn’t have to be. Read these tips to walk you through the proper method of removing wallpaper without the unnecessary stress.


  1. Prepare your floor.

Removing wallpaper requires a lot of water which can ruin your flooring, woodwork or trim. In order to protect your flooring, and other surfaces, keep them dry by taping plastic to the trim or baseboard. Be sure that this plastic overlaps the floor for at least 2 ft.  Also, remember to tape the plastic as tightly as you can. You don’t want any kind of liquid to seep into the floorboards. On top of this, place towels to absorb water as it drips down the wall surfaces.


  1. Pull the wallpaper off.

Do this step first without using any water. Remove the top layer and don’t worry about the remaining wallpaper residues. You can still peel them off after the next step.


  1. Apply hot water on the remaining wallpaper residues.

Using a sponge, a soaked towel or other absorbent materials, apply hot water. Applying really hot water works best because it can easily soften the wallpaper material making it easier to remove. Keep in mind that you should put as much as necessary without essentially ruining the wall.


  1. Scrape off the softened wallpaper.

Once the wallpaper residues have softened from the hot water, peel them off using a metal spatula, or putty knife. Try to be careful when using these tools as being aggressive could ruin the wall. Be sure every bit is scraped clean, even the sticky paste residue. If there’s any damage, be sure to sand the wall and add a filler to return the wall to its original condition.

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