Fading / Poor Color Retention

How to identify and sole the problem of fading paint and poor color retention.
Fading/Poor Color Retention Definition When paint starts to prematurely lighten. This can result from paint chalking or from being exposed to intense light for moderate to … https://www.protegritypainting.com/blog/painting-problems/2016/07/fading-poor-color-retention/

Alligatoring Paint Problem

These cracks may not reach the surface of the paint and grow wider and deeper, which can break through top and bottom coats.
Alligatoring:   Definition: Resembling the scale of an alligator, this problem progresses with slight cracking or “checking,” which occurs when paint film cracks on… https://www.protegritypainting.com/blog/painting-problems/2015/01/alligatoring-paint-problem/