Ideal Bedroom Colors for Boys

Mar 09, 2015

Ideal Bedroom Colors for Boys

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Bedroom painting will always be a tricky task. Boys have lots in mind when it comes to their room color. They want everything - what they see on TV, the Internet, and comic books - to be incorporated in their wall. But acceding entirely to this might only result in an unappealing, chaotic end result. Because of this, you need to be a little bit careful.    

Here are some design ideas that could help you nail your boy’s bedroom design:      

  • The Two-Color Scheme

A painting method in which a primary or secondary color is complemented by white or gray, the two-color scheme is not only safe, but also brings class into any boys’ bedroom. With this, nothing could go wrong with breezy aqua juxtaposed with white or orange with gray. Some designers even use this scheme to highlight the essential idea  of “chaos and balance” by using accessories in “flashier” colors, say yellow for blue and white, or green for orange and gray.    

  • The Stripes
It was in the last months of 2013 when stripes became a big thing, and it’s still very trendy this year. According to home designers, this paint scheme is a perfect way of embellishing a plain wall with simplicity. Stripes are certainly simple, but nonetheless eye-catching. 
  • The Graphic Design    
Walls painted with images depicting the bedroom owner’s heroes and interests will never go out of style. However, football players, maps, airplanes, cartoon characters, and planets must be entrusted to a seasoned bedroom painting company. It has to be done well because kids’ attention to details is painstaking—you don’t want to see them bawling and sulking over a badly painted portrait of their hero every day. Remember to make it minimal, since a wall full of cartoon images can be visually chaotic. 

However, while many consider bedroom painting as a very difficult and challenging undertaking, making it fun is still the key to giving your boy what he wants. Knowing and understanding what he prefers to end up on his wall would help a lot. In the first place, satisfying the room owner is your main goal as “designer.” Tapping a topnotch bedroom painting company will help you translate his tastes into reality.       

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