Great Colors for Your Dining Room

Apr 08, 2015

Great Colors for Your Dining Room

Meal times should be spent in a bright, cheery room. After all, dark, musty places can hardly whet an appetite. This can be easily remedied with a fresh coat of paint or two. Here are some tips on what colors your dining room painter can use! 

Earthy tones are a popular choice for dining room painting. These colors are very versatile, and can work with the overall design theme of your house, be it a traditional or a modern one. Popular earthy colors, such as chocolate brown or sienna, are welcoming and can convey warmth. Seek the help of your dining room painter when choosing colors from the earth tone palette. 

Red is known to stimulate the appetite, so it remains a popular choice. On the other hand, you may want to avoid blue or any other varying shades of it as it suppresses the appetite. 

Light colors like gray, cream and beige are the ideal dining room paintingcolor for small spaces. These colors make a room feel bigger and more spacious. Also, these neutral colors can serve as the ideal background for any decorating style you may prefer. 

Dark colors such as red, spicy orange, and olive green, are ideal dining room paintingcolors for larger spaces. These colors will make a large room appear more intimate, cozy, and with a “lived-in” appeal.

Yellow is such an energizing color that it can be used to liven up an otherwise dreary room. Citrus yellow, especially when paired with white furniture and accents, is a great color for the dining room.

Your dining room painter should be able to help you pick out a color that will work best for the overall aesthetic of the house. But ultimately, the final choice still goes back to you. Make sure that the color you pick speaks out to you and is a reflection of your personality. 

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