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Soffit & Fascia Repairs and Painting

Soffit & Fascia Repairs and Painting


Fascia boards are the boards to which rain gutters are typically attached.  The soffit is the board which projects outwards from the fascia and connects it to the outer edge of the roof.

Fascia boards are typically made from wood and are exposed to the full force of the sun and rain.  Over time, the sun’s UV rays break down the protective paint coating and moisture begins to penetrate the wood causing it to peel, split and expand. 

Proper maintenance is crucial to prevent more costly repairs.  At the first sign of paint peeling or flaking, you should contact a painting professional.  When caught in time, the boards can be scraped and sanded, then primed and repainted.  If the wood has begun to rot, it will be necessary to replace sections of the facia or soffit boards.

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