How to Match Paint Colors with a Spectrophotometer

Mar 13, 2014

How to Match Paint Colors with a Spectrophotometer

Have you ever wondered how professionals are able to create and use matching paint colors for interior home decorations? Nowadays, it is quite easy to get exactly the matching paint colors you want for your home or office. This is because professionals are now able to recreate the exact shade we want with a spectrophotometer.

A spectrophotometer is a device connected to a computer. It takes an image of the color sample that people want for their paint colors and uses it to create matching paint colors. With this, professionals are able to clearly calibrate the hues and pigments they need to recreate the paint color that exactly matches what the customer wants. 

With a spectrophotometer, there is no room for human error. Everything is automated. All a professional needs to do is to take a photo of the sample using the spectrophotometer and the paint mixer will be able to automatically determine the pigments and color combinations necessary to match the paint colors that you need. 

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