Bedroom Painting

Bedroom Painting

Choosing Bedroom Colors
Each room in your home is unique with its own feel and purpose.  Time spent in the kitchen is much different than time in a home office.   Following are some helpful hints for choosing the perfect color scheme for your bedroom.

1. Size of the Room

Consider the size of your room when choosing colors.  A smaller room will benefit from light and airy colors which make the room feel larger, while brighter and more vibrant colors work well with a larger master bedroom.

2. Consider your Furnishings

If you already have your furniture picked out choose colors to complement their style and design.  Select colors that complement the hues in a bedspread , chair or area rug.   Using heavily contrasting colors can make your room seem too busy or cluttered.

3. Set the Mood

Colors have a definite effect on the mood of any room.  If you desire a relaxing and peaceful mood, chooser lighter colors or a monochromatic color scheme.  For a more dramatic, adventurous or romantic theme choose bold, rich reds or earth tones.

4. Test your Colors

Purchase a small test sample of paint to apply to your bedroom walls.  What may seem like the perfect color on a swatch card can look completely different once applied to your bedroom walls.

5. Decorative Finishes

If you choose a more subtle, softer tone for your bedroom, consider a decorative finish to add some texture, tone and depth to the bedroom.

6. Take your Time

Never rush with your color selections.  Look at the many options and factors that will determine the final look and feel of your bedroom.

  • Your colors will look quite different under natural lighting conditions versus incandescent or fluorescent lights
  • Accent colors can bring out the beauty of custom trims and moldings
  • Don’t forget the ceiling! 

7. Consult a Professional

While the final decision is ultimately your own, hiring a professional is a sound investment.  Interior design, and colour selection in particular, is both an art and a science.  Choose a consultant who will take the time to understand you and your family, your lifestyle, your goals and who will talk to you in plain language that you can easily understand.  Once your choices are made, have your painting contractor apply test colors so you can experience them for a few days.  You will soon know if you’ve made the right choice and you will enjoy your new bedroom for years to come.

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