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Benefits of Reflective Roof Coatings for your Home


1. Reduce Home Cooling Costs by up to 20%

Protegrity Reflective Coatings direct the sun’s U.V. rays away from your home which reduces the temperature of your roof and walls and prevents the heat from transferring into your home


2. Avoid Costly Repairs & Extend the Life of your Roof

Harmful UV rays from the sun can break down your roof’s protective membrane allowing both heat and moisture to enter your home with the potentail for serious damage to your ceiling, walls and furniture. Protegrity roof coatings block the harmful radiation and extend the life of your roof


3. Reduce Color Fading & Extend the Life of the Paint

Protegrity Reflective Wall Coatings block harmful UV radiation which can cause your paint to fade. It’s increased durability gives you a longer period before the walls require re-painting


4. Extend the Life of your Heating and Cooling System

By lowering the temperature of your roof and walls, Protegrity Reflective Coatings reduce the temperature in your home and ease the burden on your cooling system. This trims your maintenance costs and extends the life of the system


5. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

White reflective roofs help to reduce local temperatures and eliminate the “urban heat island effect”    
By reducing power consumption you lower peak electricity demands and help to reduce or eliminate power outages and “brownouts”
The environment is protected through the reduction of power plant emissions.

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Stop Leaks Before They Happen

There are three main causes of leaks in a flat roof system.

1. The most common is lack of proper maintenance. When dirt and debris accumulate on the roof, the reflective properties are diminished and the roof heats up. This causes the coating to deteriorate more rapidly. Water passes through small cracks and seams with the potential for major damage to your ceilings, walls, floors and furniture. A thorough annual cleaning is recommended for keeping your roof cool and waterproof.

2. Leaks are also caused by partially blocked scuppers and drains. During the heavy rains of the monsoon season, water can quickly back up and enter your home through cracks or broken seals around skylights and vents. .

3. A third cause is ponding. Where low spots develop on your roof the water pools and accumulates dirt and debris. Ponding amplifies the heating effect of the sun and causes the reflective coating and roof membrane to degrade allowing water to penetrate your home.

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